Ma Ni 

Hi, there! My name is Ma Ni, I'm a Designer and illustrator. Currently, I am an MFA Illustration grad student in SCAD, Savannah, GA.


I came from China and my major was the animation when I was an undergraduate student and I changed my major to Illustration when I decided to start my grad study.I have been apart in the"Sketchbook Exhibition" held by SCAD and "Collaborative Art Exhibition" in Savannah. 


Although I don't have so much illustration projects for you to look through, I do a lot of practices in my sketchbook when I am inspired. I will upload my projects as soon as possible and then you can find out my improvement from each different project.


For me, illustration is not only a way to express my words, but also a manner to let viewers understand my perspective on this world. In fact, I always love to explore and try the things are unfamiliar to me. I can find inspiration from a lot of things even the daily talking with people.


Moreover, I am very interested in field internship and all kinds of freelance projects. Please contact me or just give me some feedback.

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